View, Create, Submit, and Approve Forms for your Part-Time Employees

EPAF Introduction

The Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) allows for paperless employment transactions such as hiring an employee, job or pay changes, and end of employment. The EPAF is initiated by a department initiator, and then it is electronically routed for appropriate approvals and notifications, and finally entered by HR into the system.

EPAF’s allow departments to use the MyUT system to submit these employment transactions for their part-time employees.

This system allows for greater portability of forms as users need only have access to the internet to view, create, submit, and approve forms. It also allows for a history of forms to be kept and better security with data locked within MyUT. By going to an electronic format, the efficiency of processing personnel actions is generally increased, as well as decreased numbers of mistakes, phone calls, inquiries, etc.

EPAF Payroll Calculator

Hourly Payroll Calculator

Training Videos for EPAF System

Video Title Description Duration
Introduction to the EPAF system Get an overview of the EPAF system, its key features, and how it simplifies personnel actions within your organization. 4:11
How to terminate an hourly employee’s job Learn the step-by-step process of terminating an hourly employee’s job using the EPAF system, ensuring compliance and accuracy. 2:49
How to change an hourly employee’s pay rate and/or job title Discover how to efficiently update an hourly employee’s pay rate and job title within the EPAF system to reflect changes accurately. 2:44
How to change timecard supervisor Understand the procedure for changing the timecard supervisor for an employee, ensuring seamless workflow and reporting. 2:06
How to rehire an employee Explore the comprehensive process of rehiring an employee through EPAF, including the necessary documentation and approvals. 6:39
How to correct or finish an EPAF Learn how to make corrections and finalize an EPAF submission, ensuring all details are accurate and complete. 2:35
How to approve an EPAF as the ‘Approver’ Gain insights into the responsibilities of an approver, including the steps to review and approve EPAFs in a timely manner. 2:22
How to update a part-time employee’s account index code Discover the procedure for updating the account index code for part-time employees, ensuring accurate financial tracking and reporting. 3:11


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