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HR Forms & Information

Several of the forms can be filled out online, then printed for submittal. Some are available only in PDF format. Forms in PDF format are so indicated and cannot be completed online. You must print the PDF form, then fill out the hard copy. For assistance, please call the main Human Resources number at (435) 652-7520 or email hr@utahtech.edu.

For downloading and opening PDF documents, we recommend Chrome browser with Adobe Reader plug-in enabled.

FMLA Documents

In compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), Utah Tech University (UT) will provide its employees with family and medical leave (Policy 349).

If you have any questions about FMLA, please contact Kristen Nickodemus, HR Support Specialist, at kristen.nickodemus@utahtech.edu or (435) 879-4525.

Download PDF:

Employee Grievance Form

It is the purpose of the Grievance Procedure to establish a method whereby grievances of employees will be resolved fairly and effectively. The filing of a grievance will in no way prejudice the status of the employee. See the Policy Library for a full description of the procedure (Policy 151).

Contact Human Resources at 435-652-7520 for any questions about the process or concerns.

Notice of Written Warning

Department heads may utilize the various levels of corrective and disciplinary action with employees should consult their division head, Human Resources, and/or General Counsel. See Policy Library for a full description of the procedure (Policy 372).

Contact Human Resources at 435-652-7520 for any questions.

Veterans’ Preference Eligibility

Human Resources will identify applicants who have requested and are qualified for veterans’ preference.

For applicants who establish “preference eligibility,” preference will be given in the search process, provided the applicant meets minimum qualifications for the job and subject to requirements.

Contact Tyson Kauer, Human Resources Coordinator over Recruitment at tyson.kauer@utahtech.edu or at 435-879-4520.

Authorized Volunteer Service Waiver

Audit, Risk and Compliance manages a variety of waivers for individuals, with the Volunteer Service waiver being routed to HR for processing to ensure appropriate liability in the event of a work-related incident or injury. Click on the below link for the Authorized Volunteer Service Agreement, completed by both the Volunteer and the Department.

Contact Sonja Blea, Director of Risk Management and Clery Compliance, at sonja.blea@utahtech.edu or 435-879-4331 for any questions.

Alternative Work Arrangement Sample Forms

Certain employees may be approved to perform their job duties at their residences or other approved work locations outside of the institution’s premises, under the University’s Alternative Work Arrangement Policy 326.

Sample PDF forms (for understanding what is required, but will not be accepted for submission) are below for:

Supervisors contact Kristen Nickodemus, HR Support Specialist, at 435-879-4525 for any questions, discuss this option further, and to obtain actual forms for completion.

Cell Phone Reimbursement Form

Full-time salaried employees with a demonstrated job-related need may receive a reimbursement to cover reasonable business expenses for their cellular phone. This is to reimburse for business usage and equipment on an employee-owned cellular plan.

The form is available through the University’s NEOED (formerly NEOGOV) eForms system. Once in eForms, click on “View All” under the Quick Links to submit this form for processing.

Contact Human Resources at 435-652-7520 for any questions.

Tuition Waiver Request for UT Retirees or P/T Instructors

Eligible UT Retirees and Part-Time Instructors submit a tuition waiver request through the link below.

Retirees or Part-Time Instructors with questions about the tuition waiver should contact Human Resources at 435-652-7520.

F/T employees submit their tuition waiver requests through the NEOED eForms system.



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Fax: 435-656-4001

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