(Revised 2019)

Hiring Procedures - Temporary Search

Hiring Procedures – Acting or Interim Full-time Appointments


  1. Department heads start the acting or interim hiring process by creating a concise job announcement, using the most current job description available from Human Resources (HR).
  2. HR provides a market benchmark (with associated salary level) to the Department Head, who works with their Vice President to allocate funding. Appropriate approvals by campus administration will be required for all positions.
  3. A Search Committee is formed with a chair (preferably a department head), as approved or coordinated by a Vice President. Acting or Interim Search Committees are organized as follows:
    1. The search committee chair will serve as a voting member of the committee and will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable employment laws and policies, including equal opportunity, affirmative action, etc.
    2. Up to three (3) members will serve on the search committee (a chair plus two others). The voting members on each search committee should include at least one member from an expressed gender identity (i.e. male, female, etc.), and a trained diversity advocate is preferred.
  4. The Department Head will work with HR to finalize an advertising strategy that both complies with federal and state advertising guidelines and ensures adequate exposure of the position to potential applicants. Upon approval of the posting, the job announcement is released.


  1. The department head forwards a list of Search Committee members to HR for approval. HR reviews committee composition for procedure compliance and schedules training for the search committee.
  2. Search Committee members complete training with HR and establishes an appropriate search timeline.
  3. Applications are received electronically either to the appropriate hiring manager directly or through the University’s employment webpage for a minimum of 5 business days.


  1. On or after the application review date, the Search Committee Chair pre-screens applications based on minimum qualifications to remove unqualified applicants.
  2. As acting or interim appointment applicant pools are often small, the group of applicants meeting the minimum qualifications is selected for interviews. HR will work with the search committee to coordinate days/times of interviews and will send notice to all unsuccessful applicants.


  1. HR schedules interviews and communicates information to finalists.
  2. HR works with Search Committee to complete an Interview Evaluation form to use as a guide in interviewing finalists.
  3. Finalists are interviewed.
  4. Each search committee member will complete an Interview Evaluation form and turn it into the Search Committee Chair, who compiles the forms and returns them to HR.


  1. HR tabulates all Interview Evaluation forms and works with the search committee chair in finalizing a candidate for hire.
  2. Reference checks are completed on the top candidate (if not already on file with HR). The Vice President must approve of the hire before an offer of employment is extended.
  3. HR (or the applicable Vice President) will extend a verbal employment offer to the candidate chosen for the interim or acting position.
  4. Once the candidate has verbally accepted the position, HR creates a formal written offer of employment with background check authorization (if not already completed when employee was originally hired) or works with the department to complete contracted service payment request(s) for the prescribed interim or acting period. If an offer letter is extended and signed, HR notifies the search committee chair, who notifies the unsuccessful interviewees.
  5. The appointment authority issues a campus-wide announcement of an interim or acting appointment.
  6. HR closes the search and finalizes remaining paperwork for the search file.


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