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Staff Evaluation

Staff Evaluation Process

The Utah Tech (UT) Staff Performance Evaluation Process is designed to facilitate communication in order to increase our ability to fulfill the University’s mission. Engaging in probationary and annual self-evaluations and supervisor evaluations has been shown to increase performance and morale. The outcomes of any evaluation should be:

  • Clarification of the employee’s responsibilities, job goals, and performance requirements.
  • Open and honest assessment of the employee’s performance.
  • Acknowledgement of the employee’s contributions as appropriate.
  • Renewed dedication to University, division, department, and individual goals.

Regular and substantive evaluations are an important part of a supervisor’s responsibilities. As part of their own evaluation, supervisors will be held accountable for performing and submitting all required evaluations according to the established schedule.

Utah Tech University’s Staff Core Competencies grew out of the institutional Mission Statement. Ongoing formative evaluation and feedback are encouraged throughout the year as needed and as part of regular supervisory responsibilities.

Performance Evaluations

  • All non-temporary, full-time UT employees will receive a formal written evaluation each summer, measuring performance for the fiscal year.
    • The exception is those employees in their initial probationary period. Probationary employees and their supervisors will be notified individually by Human Resources when evaluations are due (usually around the 6th month in position).
    • Annual Self-Evaluations are to be completed around mid-May; Annual Evaluations are to be completed by supervisors no later than June 30.

Part-Time Staff & Work-Study Student Evaluation Information


Travis Rosenberg, MBA

Executive Director of Human Resources

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Greg Esplin, MBA

Assistant Director of Human Resources

Email: greg.esplin@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7503

Fax: 435-656-4001

Office: Burns North Offices 145
225 S. University Avenue
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