1 Month to 6 Months

New Trailblazers

Utah Tech’s Welcome Center is where your tour of the University begins. Throughout your tour, you will be introduced to the programs and the buildings that drive them while hearing personal stories of how our “active learning. active life.” motto prepares students to succeed after they graduate.

Specific Tasks

Important University Policies

Leave and Absence Policy

“An employee must receive approval from his/her supervisor prior to taking leave. […] Leave accrued in a pay period cannot be used until the next pay period.”

Policy 346

Lunches and Breaks

“Full-time non-exempt employees may take up to 15 minutes of compensated break period for every four hours worked. Break periods may not be accumulated to create a shorter workday or longer lunch period.”

Policy 352

Probationary Periods

“During the probationary period, employees and supervisors should meet together frequently to train, mentor, support, and ensure satisfactory work performance and general suitability for the position.

Policy 325

Everyday Resources

Employee Resources

Important links and information for all employees to use.

Employee Resources


The directory of all Utah Tech Employees, with names, titles, office locations, departments, phones, and emails.

University Directory

Policy Library

A full list of all university Policies, as well as policies under review, and resources to propose changes to current policies.

Policy Library

Title IX

Utah Tech’s Office of Equity Compliance & Title IX promotes equity and inclusion in Utah Tech’s educational programs and workplace through education, prevention and response.

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Benefits Information

All Employee Benefits

Utah Tech University offers a variety of miscellaneous benefits and discounts to employees, both for use on-campus and off-campus.

Performance Evaluations

Full-Time Faculty Performance Evaluations

Faculty are subject to several different types of evaluations, all of which are explained in the policy library. For Full-Time Faculty, these evaluations include Faculty RPT Evaluations (641 and Addendum) and Post-Tenure Review Evaluations (642).

Faculty RPT Evaluations

Full-Time & Part-Time Staff Performance Evaluations

Information on Full and Part-Time Staff Performance evaluations can be found on the Human Resources website, as well as under Policy 327.

Human Resources Staff Evaluation

Part-Time Instructor Performance Evaluations

Information on evaluations for Part-Time Instructors is found in the Policy Library.

Policy 638