Guide To Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Vector Solutions LMS Training

Notifications about Annual Compliance Trainings (offered through VectorSolutions) are sent out when the annual compliance trainings are assigned on September 1 each fall semester OR when brand-new part-time hires start work at the University.

Annual compliance trainings are to be completed each fall semester between September 1 – December 15. Brand-new hires hired outside the annual compliance window (e.g., January 1 – June 1) have 90 days to complete their required trainings, as a new hire. Required annual compliance trainings will have a due date for completion, and must be completed by this date in order to avoid a notice of non-compliance within your personnel file.

Employees with questions about the annual compliance trainings should contact Travis Rosenberg ( or Missy Chavez ( Both the full-time and the part-time employees have access to Annual Compliance trainings as follows:


PART-TIME EMPLOYEES (including P/T Instructors, Hourly or Student Employees) AND OFFICIAL VOLUNTEERS: use the direct link to the Utah Tech VectorSolutions site.

Individuals with an active status will have access to their account. If there is an issue or concern, the part-time employee/volunteer and/or supervisor may contact the IT Help Desk, or the HR office to verify the account is active.

Utah Tech VectorSolutions, LMS


FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES have access to annual training through the NEOED Learn portal. When the annual trainings are assigned, you will receive an email from NEOED. Tutorial videos and instructions for using the NEOED system can be found on the HR landing page.

How to Access Guides (pdf) NEOED Annual Compliance Trainings (pdf).


Troubleshooting Assistance:

Using a non-compatible browser generally causes most accessibility issues, so the following troubleshooting tips should help:

  1. Try using a different browser – the trainings tend to work the best in Google Chrome and work the worst in Apple Safari.
  2. Ensure the browser allows for pop-ups – most of the training videos appear in a separate window and the browser settings may have blocked the pop-up where the video training is.
  3. Ensure the browser is up-to-date – trainings might not open or load in full in an older browser version.
  4. Clear the browser history and cache, then try again – training might be connected to an older browser history or cache version, which isn’t allowing it to load.
  5. If all the above is done, update the computer itself with any necessary updates, then restart the computer and try again.

Since the university name changed, the sessions in your browser save data from the previous university name, so we hope the above troubleshooting tips resolve any issues.

Student Edition - For Students Only

The University offers two VectorSolutions LMS portals: one specifically for Employees (including student employees) and one specifically for students. Utah state mandates safety training for all students, which we make available to students through the VectorSolutions LMS portal for Students. Students have access to Vector Solutions through the following link:

If you have questions about the trainings specifically for students of the University, as assigned through the Student Edition portal of Vector Solutions, please contact Ali Threet in the Dean of Students Office at (435) 652-7514 or


Missy Chavez

P/T HR Support Specialist


Office: Remote Office
225 S. University Avenue
St. George, UT 84770

IT Help Desk

When contacting the Help Desk, please include your full name, student ID, and phone number.


Phone: 435-879-4357