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Take Home Pay

The Take Home Pay Calculator is a tool designed to help you determine your “take home pay before taxes” using 2023-2024 health care benefits data.

Take Home Pay Calculator

Take Home Pay Calculator

Annual Retirement Option

Please email for additional information about your URS retirement benefits.
Total take home pay before taxes

Total take home pay before taxes plus retirement


The amount generated represents your total earnings before tax deductions and includes the following components:

  • Salary: The base income from your job.
  • Medical Plan: The cost of your medical insurance, paid by you as an employee.
  • Dental Plan: The cost of your dental insurance, also paid by you as an employee.
  • Retirement: Contributions made by the University towards your retirement savings.
  • If you are currently enrolled in the Utah Retirement System (URS), please note that you will have to contact HR for a full benefits breakdown specific to your situation.
  • For those participating in the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA), there is a 14.20% annual contribution towards your retirement savings.

The calculator performs the calculation using this formula:
Take Home Pay Before Taxes = Salary + Medical Plan + Dental Plan + Retirement (URS or 14.20% of your Salary for TIAA)
By entering your values into the calculator, you can quickly determine your pre-tax earnings; facilitating better financial planning and budget management.

Employee Medical Contributions Medical Premium
Star Single Medical Plan (High Deductible) $0.00
Star Double Medical Plan (High Deductible) $0.00
Star Family Medical Plan (High Deductible) $0.00
Traditional Single Medical Plan $726.00
Traditional Double Medical Plan $1,496.00
Traditional Family Medical Plan $1,997.00
Waived Medical $3,600.00
Employee Dental Contributions Dental Premium
Preferred Single Dental Plan $30.00
Preferred Double Dental Plan $56.00
Preferred Family Dental Plan $101.00
Traditional Single Dental Plan $61.00
Traditional Double Dental Plan $114.00
Traditional Family Dental Plan $205.00
Waved Dental $0.00
HSA Contribution
Star Single Medical Plan $942.00
Star Double Medical Plan $1,884.00
Star Family Medical Plan $1,884.00